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Don't settle for a PO Box; with private mailbox services from The UPS Store Pineville, you'll get a real street address, package acceptance from all carriers and quick and easy access to your mail and deliveries, kept in a secure location. Sign up today for your mailbox from The UPS Store location at 311 South Polk St Ste 80.

  • A real street address
  • Package acceptance from all carriers
  • Package and mail receipt notifications
  • Mail holding and forwarding
  • Call-In mail check
  • 24-hour access (at participating locations)
  • Key Savings Card™

Get your real street address today!

Let us handle all of your mail and package receiving.

Download Mailbox Agreement

The UPS Store building

Don't settle for a PO Box; get a private mailbox with a real street address.

The UPS Store associate hands a package to a smiling mailbox holder

We accept packages from all carriers.

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The key to more convenience.

You're busy running your business, so let us take care of your mail, packages and deliveries.

Just like the keys to your home, car and office, the keys to your mailbox at your local The UPS Store location are an important part of your everyday business. Our mailboxes offer quick and easy access and are kept in a secure location. In simplest terms, when you put us on your key ring, your business stays on track.

Download our Mailbox Service Agreement or contact us to get started.

Getting started is easy!

Download our Mailbox Service Agreement or contact us today.

Download Mailbox Agreement

Private Mailbox Features

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A Real Street Address

Why just rent a mailbox? Your private mailbox from The UPS Store Pineville comes with a real street address, which provides a more professional and established image for your small business or personal brand.

Sally's Cupcakes
311 South Polk St Ste 80
Pineville, NC

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Secure Package Acceptance

Your mail and packages should stay secure and confidential. We accept your packages from all carriers, so you'll never miss a delivery or risk having it stolen when its just left at your door.

We also offer Package and Mail Receipt Notifications so you'll receive a text or email when your mail and packages arrive.

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Mail Holding & Forwarding

We'll hold your packages in a secure location for pickup at your convenience or forward them to wherever you are. This is a great option if you need a local mailing address in Pineville, NC while you are traveling, working remotely or conducting business elsewhere.

The UPS Store | Get Mailbox Services Here! > 311 South Polk St Ste 80 (9)

Key Savings Card™

Open a mailbox at The UPS Store Pineville and you'll receive a Key Savings Card™ which unlocks key savings on other products and services. You'll save 5% off UPS Shipping and 15% off shipping boxes, printing, color copies, laminating, binding, faxing and office supplies. Stop by The UPS Store at 311 South Polk St Ste 80 to start saving today.

Our mailbox services are designed for small businesses

Watch entrepreneur Justine Woods' story and see why she uses mailbox services from The UPS Store as a safe place to receive all of her vendor samples and other business mail.

Arizona native Justine Woods became impatient and decided to chase her entrepreneurial dream. She started The Bookish Box, a literary-inspired subscription box company and now takes pride in the company’s success, the opportunity she provides other small business owners (whose products are included in her boxes), and the knowledge that her small business helps support her family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up for Mailbox Services


With mailbox services at The UPS Store, you get a real street address, not a P.O. Box. If you’re a business owner, having a real street address for your business mailbox can provide you with a professional image for your business, and legitimacy with search engines. The UPS Store also offers many additional services for mailbox services customers, like package acceptance from all carriers, package notification and Call-in MailCheck — all aimed to save you valuable time.


Your mailing address will be the address of our The UPS Store® location, with either PMB (private mailbox) or the pound symbol (#) designating your individual box.

Joe Smith
311 South Polk St Ste 80
Pineville, NC 28134


You need to complete a mailbox service agreement. The mailbox service agreement is an agreement between our The UPS Store location and the primary box holder for the duration you receive mail at that location. You will need to provide two valid forms of identification, one of which must include a photograph. Contact us at or to discuss the steps to signing up for mailbox services.


Yes. Contact us for details and requirements. If you are currently a mailbox customer at another The UPS Store location, make arrangements to have your mail re-mailed to your new location.


Pricing for mailbox services will be dependent on a number of factors and we’ll go through that when you sign-up for mailbox services.

Mailbox Features


Yes. We offer Call-in MailCheck for mailbox holders. Save time. Save a trip. Call us to find out if you have mail.


You can receive packages from any carrier with your mailbox agreement.


Yes. We offer re-mailing services for mailbox holders. The representatives at our location can re-mail your mail to you, anywhere you are. Additional charges and restrictions may apply.


Yes. We offer mail-holding services for mailbox holders. We can hold your mail for you until you return from a long business trip or a relaxing vacation. Additional charges may apply.

Alternative Recipients


You can add the names of individuals authorized to receive mail at your mailbox. Each recipient will need to provide two valid forms of identification in order to complete the mandatory PS Form 1583.


Yes. You can permit people to pick up your mail by lending them the key to your mailbox. Possession of the mailbox key shall be considered valid evidence that the possessor of the key is duly authorized to remove any contents from the mailbox.

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The UPS Store | Get Mailbox Services Here! > 311 South Polk St Ste 80 (2024)


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